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Ralph Wiser

Why fair recompense in personal injury cases is essential and … well, fair

negligenceWhen you sustain personal injury due to another’s actions or neglect, it truly is not selfish or greedy to expect and receive fair recompense from the at-fault party.

You are already bearing the heavy burden of simply living with pain and impairment and dealing with all the logistics of coping with your injury. Your family and support-people are also living… Continue reading

Like a good neighbor? Insurance companies and personal injury law

insurance policy
The insurance industry is so subtly entrenched in today’s world, that we often fail to recognize its powerful impact on myriad areas of our lives.

No matter what their ads say, insurance companies are not in the business for altruistic reasons. It really isn’t their primary goal to protect their clients’ interests, or to provide a safety net for injured… Continue reading

Ralph Wiser, Attorney at Law, is committed to obtaining fair compensation in personal injury cases, particularly when his clients have sustained Traumatic Brain Injury.

Ralph Wiser
Ralph Wiser specializes in representing people who have suffered personal injury due to the actions or neglect of a third party, ensuring that they and their families receive the fair compensation and justice they deserve. He is deeply aware that such injuries place a huge burden — physically, emotionally and financially — on the injured parties and their families, which… Continue reading

Medical and other costs affiliated with Traumatic Brain Injuries

medical expenses
Any Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is virtually always potentially life-altering on a multitude of levels, regardless of the cause and even the degree of damage that is sustained. Even a relatively “mild” or “temporary” TBI can have a serious, lingering, detrimental impact on the injured party (and his or her family). And the more severe cases are often truly devastating… Continue reading

How to choose the best personal injury attorney for your needs

personal injuryWhen you or a family member have been injured through the actions or neglect of a third party, consulting with a knowledgeable and trustworthy lawyer is an important first step toward obtaining the fair compensation needed to help you cope with your life-changing situation. It may seem somewhat overwhelming to try to find legal representation when you are in such… Continue reading

Joy v. AGC-Intl Union of Operating Engineers

Joy, an operating engineer, was tasked with moving earth from a steep slope near the Oregon coast. The cat that he operated was tied to a winch which let the cat go down the slope and then retrieved it in yo-yo fashion. Joy was lap-belted and harnessed in his seat to ensure he did not fall off the cat. Over the course of several days, Joy noticed Continue reading

Stone v. Bayer Corp. Long Term Disability Plan

Stone became disabled from a combination of conditions, including traumatic brain injury, mold-caused illnesses, allergic reactions, pulmonary compromise and cancers, while employed as a customer service representative by Bayer. When Bayer finally denied her application for disability benefits on the basis that she was Continue reading

Scoles v. Intel Long Term Disability Benefit Plan

Scoles was employed as a systems analyst at Intel’s Beaverton, Oregon Plan. She became disabled by a combination of anxiety, panic attack with agoraphobia and major depression. Despite presentation of objective findings of continued disability, the Plan denied her claim. She then filed suit in federal district court in Portland, Oregon. Continue reading