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Ralph Wiser
Attorney at Law
With over 30 years experience, Ralph Wiser handles cases in a wide range of areas, including personal injury, disability, employment, trial and litigation.
Ralph Wiser
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Personal Injury
An experienced personal injury attorney can help you navigate the shoals of ensuring that you are able to get timely medical services, compensation while you are not able to work, and full compensation from the at-fault party.
Personal Injury
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" Honest hardworking and ethical, just a few simple words that help sum up the kind of attorney you will have... "
– Daniel E., Molalla, OR.
"Ralph Wiser represented me in an injury lawsuit, even though it was an unusual case. He was thorough, diligent, and always had my best interest at heart..."
– Scott Lee
"Ralph Wiser’s experience and expertise in all facets of labor law, workers’ compensation and disability claims make him my ‘go-to guy’ on all my complicated legal cases. Ralph crafts solutions where others see only road blocks."
– David Fiore, UniServ consultant
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Personal Injury

  • Letter carrier attacked by dog
  • Nurse severely injured in car rollover accident
  • Electrical meterman severely injured in arc/explosion
  • Brain injuries suffered in rear end car crash at 15 m.p.h. in Washington County
  • Female physical education teacher with shoulder injury in sideswipe car crash on I-5
  • Information technology independent contractor injured in car crash in Clackamas County
  • Paper plant employee killed in boiler explosion in Toledo, Oregon
  • Bartender who slipped and fell on wet surface in Clackamas County
  • Teacher injured on a school bus by a student
  • Acoustic trauma suffered in a car crash causing tinnitus
  • Scoles (apnt) v. Intel Corp. Long Term Disability Ben. Plan, 13-36167, 2016 U.S. App. LEXIS 13819 (9th Cir. July 29, 2016), Reversed d.ct’s 11/25/13 decision, & remanded [(re ReedGroup & CAFS)] Ralph E. Wiser; SLH
  • John D. Joy v. AGC-International Union of Operating Engineers Local 701 Defined Pension Benefit Plan, USDC Oregon, 11-CV-00742-PK (2012)
  • Stone v. Bayer Corporation LTD Plan, USDC Oregon, 3:08-CV-0356–BR (2010), 9th Circuit Court of Appeal, District of Oregon, Portland, 10-35665 (2011)
  • McLean v. SunLife Assurance Co., USDC Oregon, 10-CV-00215-BR (2010)
  • Todd v. Portland General Electric Co., USDC Oregon, CV-09-00296-AA (2009)
  • Price v. SunLife Assurance Co., USDC Oregon, 3:08-CV-01076 (2009)
  • Baldoni v. Unum, USDC Oregon, 03-CV-01381-AS (2004), 9th Circuit Court of Appeal, District of Oregon, Portland, CV-03-01381-AS (2008)
Employer Defense
  • Stewart v.West Hills Dental Center, MCCCC No. 1111-15207 (2012)
  • Fitch v. West Hills Dental Center, BOLI No. STEMAG101119-11711 (2011)
  • Kaptur v. Mingo, MCCCC No. 0902-02277 (2010)
  • Newman v. Stein Oil Co., Inc., EEOC No. 551-2007-00894 (2008)
Employee Claim
  • Steven Berkson v. City of Salem, MCCCC No. 15CV06414
  • Ghidinelli v. Schull, Reich, Chaplan, et. al., JCCCC No. 053388L7 (2007) (Ashland teacher case against students who emailed her death threats)
  • Marshall v. May Trucking Co., USDC Oregon, CV-23-BR (2004) (wrongful discharge, retaliation)
  • Sleigh v. Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center, 161 Or. App. 262 (1999) (wrongful discharge, retaliation, age discrimination)
Association Representation
  • David Douglas Education Association (C. Monteblanco) v. David Douglas School District, Case No. UP-43-07 (2009)
  • Arlington Education Association v. Arlington School District, 184 Or. App. 97 (2002)
  • M. Leichty, OAH No. 128296
  • A. Villanueva, OAH No. 1001765
  • J. Lehner, OAH No. 901283
  • S. Cole, OAH No. 901301