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Personal Injury

  • Letter carrier attacked by dog
  • Nurse severely injured in car rollover accident
  • Electrical meterman severely injured in arc/explosion
  • Brain injuries suffered in rear end car crash at 15 m.p.h. in Washington County
  • Female physical education teacher with shoulder injury in sideswipe car crash on I-5
  • Information technology independent contractor injured in car crash in Clackamas County
  • Paper plant employee killed in boiler explosion in Toledo, Oregon
  • Bartender who slipped and fell on wet surface in Clackamas County
  • Teacher injured on a school bus by a student
  • Acoustic trauma suffered in a car crash causing tinnitus
  • Scoles (apnt) v. Intel Corp. Long Term Disability Ben. Plan, 13-36167, 2016 U.S. App. LEXIS 13819 (9th Cir. July 29, 2016), Reversed d.ct’s 11/25/13 decision, & remanded [(re ReedGroup & CAFS)] Ralph E. Wiser; SLH
  • John D. Joy v. AGC-International Union of Operating Engineers Local 701 Defined Pension Benefit Plan, USDC Oregon, 11-CV-00742-PK (2012)
  • Stone v. Bayer Corporation LTD Plan, USDC Oregon, 3:08-CV-0356–BR (2010), 9th Circuit Court of Appeal, District of Oregon, Portland, 10-35665 (2011)
  • McLean v. SunLife Assurance Co., USDC Oregon, 10-CV-00215-BR (2010)
  • Todd v. Portland General Electric Co., USDC Oregon, CV-09-00296-AA (2009)
  • Price v. SunLife Assurance Co., USDC Oregon, 3:08-CV-01076 (2009)
  • Baldoni v. Unum, USDC Oregon, 03-CV-01381-AS (2004), 9th Circuit Court of Appeal, District of Oregon, Portland, CV-03-01381-AS (2008)
Employer Defense
  • Stewart v.West Hills Dental Center, MCCCC No. 1111-15207 (2012)
  • Fitch v. West Hills Dental Center, BOLI No. STEMAG101119-11711 (2011)
  • Kaptur v. Mingo, MCCCC No. 0902-02277 (2010)
  • Newman v. Stein Oil Co., Inc., EEOC No. 551-2007-00894 (2008)
Employee Claim
  • Steven Berkson v. City of Salem, MCCCC No. 15CV06414
  • Ghidinelli v. Schull, Reich, Chaplan, et. al., JCCCC No. 053388L7 (2007) (Ashland teacher case against students who emailed her death threats)
  • Marshall v. May Trucking Co., USDC Oregon, CV-23-BR (2004) (wrongful discharge, retaliation)
  • Sleigh v. Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center, 161 Or. App. 262 (1999) (wrongful discharge, retaliation, age discrimination)
Association Representation
  • David Douglas Education Association (C. Monteblanco) v. David Douglas School District, Case No. UP-43-07 (2009)
  • Arlington Education Association v. Arlington School District, 184 Or. App. 97 (2002)
  • M. Leichty, OAH No. 128296
  • A. Villanueva, OAH No. 1001765
  • J. Lehner, OAH No. 901283
  • S. Cole, OAH No. 901301