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Medical and other costs affiliated with Traumatic Brain Injuries

medical expenses
Any Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is virtually always potentially life-altering on a multitude of levels, regardless of the cause and even the degree of damage that is sustained. Even a relatively “mild” or “temporary” TBI can have a serious, lingering, detrimental impact on the injured party (and his or her family). And the more severe cases are often truly devastating in their impact, with drastic consequences that may last for a life-time.

Ralph Wiser, Attorney at Law, has focused a great deal of time and effort in attaining an in-depth understanding of the particular needs, logistics and legal aspects of dealing with personal injury cases in which his clients have sustained TBI due to the neglect or actions of a third party. He is wholeheartedly determined to help these clients successfully move through the legal system to attain the fair financial compensation they need to relieve their financial burden and move on with their lives with a positive outlook.

The medical costs affiliated with any serious personal injury are invariably huge. It is a rare individual who can actually afford to cover medical expenses out of pocket, and, especially when an injury is caused by a third party, the injured person should not have to carry the financial burden of medical costs. Unfortunately, the medical expenses for Traumatic Brain Injuries are particularly high because of the critical nature and impact of such damage.

The cost of medical care for even mild conclusions can be significant and more serious brain injuries can result in even higher costs.

Medical costs for TBI cases generally fall into the following categories:

medical cost
Immediate emergency and critical care
This usually requires the services of medical specialists from several disciplines, high-tech intensive care and often multiple neurological surgeries. The costs of rooms, equipment, tests, diagnostic procedures, supplies and medications are included in these initial stages following a TBI.

Short-term recovery care and rehabilitation
Again, this often includes the services of multiple specialists and care-givers, in addition to the costs of on-going routine care, hospitalization, equipment, medications, follow-up tests and diagnostic procedures.

Long-term care and rehabilitation
The medical costs of dealing with moderate-to-severe TBI can be expected to continue for years, often for the lifetime of the patient. These costs will vary, depending on the severity of the case and the resources available, but virtually all long-term TBI patients require on-going medical supervision (often by specialists), medications, modifications to their daily care and rehabilitation exercises, and medical procedures needed to deal with their on-going limitations and disabilities.

Many TBI sufferers also require professional emotional and mental health services to help them cope with the myriad challenges and complications they face. In many cases their family members also need professional counselling and support to deal with the emotional, mental and physical difficulties in their lives.

TBI patients with severe damage may require professional nursing care on a regular basis or even continually, 24 hours a day, for years.
traumatic brain injury
Other financial expenses faced by people with TBI
Apart from their medical expenses, most TBI victims have numerous additional financial burdens. Many people with TBI find themselves restricted in their ability to engage in various commonplace aspects of life, depending upon others to provide these services. For instance, many people can no longer drive and often need assistance with other essential activities, such as shopping, doing household chores and even attending to personal hygiene. If they have young children, they may no longer be able to care for them without paid assistance.

In many cases, people with TBI are limited by their injuries from engaging in their previous employment or from being able to support themselves (and their families) financially. This limitation is the source of particular anxiety for many, which is why it is so important to address this basic need in personal injury law suits.

In conclusion
People with TBI and their families face huge, often overwhelming challenges in dealing with the impact of this kind of personal injury. Obtaining fair financial recompense from the party at fault for the injury is one of the key ways that this burden may be eased, which is why it is so important to obtain the services of an attorney such as Ralph Wiser who is experienced, knowledgeable, and whole-heartedly committed to successfully implementing these lawsuits.