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Personal Injury

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Ralph Wiser, Attorney at Law, specializes in representing people who have suffered personal injury due to another party’s actions or neglect.

Wiser has extensive experience and knowledge in this particularly complex area of the law. He is highly motivated and absolutely devoted to obtaining fair compensation and justice for the people he represents, particularly in cases of severe, devastating injuries such as head trauma.

What does “personal injury” mean?
Simply put, legally-speaking, a personal injury case centers upon a person who has sustained actual damage due to the actions or neglect of another party.

If your car was legally parked by the curb and a bus driver pulls in too close and side-swipes it, crushing the door and scraping the paint off, he could be held legally responsible for that property damage. On the other hand, if you were standing on the curb and a bus side-swiped you, or knocked a parked vehicle into you, the driver could be held liable for the personal injury you sustained. Or if the accident was caused by brake failure, the bus company or the mechanic who worked on the brakes could be held legally responsible for this personal injury to you.

Personal injury may include physical injuries, psychological and emotional damage, long-term impairment/disability and wrongful death. A personal injury case may entail damage such as a broken leg that will eventually heal if the injured party receives appropriate medical care and rehabilitation. Or a personal injury case may address permanent, devastating damage such as severe brain injuries.

The primary purpose of a personal injury suit is to obtain justice, resolution, and fair compensation and relief for the injured party.

This may include covering the cost of medical expenses and replacing lost wages and other economic losses. The injured person may also be compensated for pain and suffering and other significant damage that may negatively impact the life of the person.

One purpose of obtaining justice in this respect is to recompense/assist/support the injured individual and to ameliorate the personal consequences of his or her injury. Additionally, when a person sustains damage of this nature, there is also, inevitably, a serious impact on the lives of his or her family members, and in the community at large. (Click here to read Why fair recompense is essential)

Who is responsible? How do insurance companies fit into the picture?
insurance policy
In most cases, the at-fault party does not actually expect to pay directly for compensation and medical expenses for the injured person. Most public institutions, businesses, professional service providers and government agencies pay for liability insurance coverage as part of operating costs, which means that most on-the-job injuries, slip-and-fall cases and service-related personal injuries should be compensated by the insurance companies who have been paid to provide this service.

Likewise, most states require that all drivers — or, at least, vehicle-owners — purchase liability insurance, which is meant to provide compensation for injuries or damage caused by the driver.

While insurance companies are paid (paid well, in fact) to provide this coverage, it doesn’t follow that they are quick to step up and pay compensation, however fair and appropriate it may be. In fact, insurance providers have every reason to drag their heels, refuse to acknowledge fault and to do everything possible to pay out as little as possible in nearly every case. Unfortunately, Federal and state laws often contribute to this problem. (Click here to read: Like a good neighbor?)

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Why is personal injury law so complex and confusing?
Most areas of the law are fairly complicated, but personal injury law is exceptionally complex and often overwhelming, even to lawyers unless they make a point to stay on top of the field. As mentioned previously, the insurance industry and its powerful lobbyists have had, and continue to have, a great deal of influence in promoting, creating and passing legislation that makes it challenging for injured parties to obtain fair compensation. (Click here to read: Like a good neighbor?)

This input, and that of other special interest groups is the primary reason that Federal and state laws, regulations and administrative rules are constantly changing and evolving. This is why it is invaluable to have legal representation by an attorney who is up-to-date and experienced with the many facets of these laws. Ralph Wiser is just such an attorney, who has dedicated his life-long practice to obtaining justice and fairness under the law for his clients.