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Ralph Wiser, Attorney at Law, is committed to obtaining fair compensation in personal injury cases, particularly when his clients have sustained Traumatic Brain Injury.

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Ralph Wiser specializes in representing people who have suffered personal injury due to the actions or neglect of a third party, ensuring that they and their families receive the fair compensation and justice they deserve. He is deeply aware that such injuries place a huge burden — physically, emotionally and financially — on the injured parties and their families, which makes it imperative that he successfully obtain the legal financial relief that is so critical for the future of these people.

Wiser is particularly dedicated to providing top-quality representation for people who have sustained severe injuries of the head and brain, aka Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). He is acutely cognizant of the tremendous, devastating impact that TBI can have on the injured party and his or her family, with consequences that may last and require treatment for a lifetime.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 5.3 million Americans are living with a TBI-related injury, and the financial costs (as well as the profound emotional and social costs) of meeting the needs of these people often exceed their personal resources. Even in the case of a mild concussion the average life-time cost for medical expenses alone can be significant and in the case of severe brain injury the costs can be overwhelming. In addition, while receiving early and top-quality medical treatment is key in the effort to reduce long-term damage and impact as much as possible, access to high-level care is often limited by finances. For more information about the causes, impact and expenses related to Traumatic Brain Injury, please click here.
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In the course of his practice, for many years, Wiser has been active with several organizations that provide information, support and advocacy for people with TBI and their families, including serving on the Board of Directors of Oregon BRAINet (affiliated with the Oregon Brain Institute at Oregon Health & Sciences University) and serving on the Board and as President of the Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon (BIAOR). His work with and advocacy for people with TBIs informs his determination to work hard and well to obtain successful results in these personal injury cases. He is very aware that this is essential in order to help alleviate the tremendous financial burden and provide truly effective relief and support for his clients and their families.