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This is Kathleen, Ben Hynes-Stone’s mom. A “Thank You” seems so Inadequate for the outstanding work you did on the grievance filed by Ben and Travis against Silver Falls School District and the numerous Incompetent and vindictive administrators. But this note is a start. I hope our paths cross someday so I can express In person my deep appreciation for all you did for Ben.

I am grateful for your legal prowess, attention to detail, perseverance, thoughtfulness and, I’m sure at times, the hand-holding you gave Ben. The legal arena was a new world for Ben and I can’t image a finer person to help him through it.

— Kathleen Hynes, CO.

Honest hardworking and ethical, just a few simple words that help sum up the kind of attorney you will have if you retain Mr. Wiser. I have retained Mr. Wiser numerous times to assist me with various legal hurdles all of which concluded with great results. Mr. Wiser understands the law and will fight diligently without trepidation to make sure his clients receive the representation they deserve!

— Daniel E., Molalla, OR.

Ralph Wiser represented me in an injury lawsuit, even though it was an unusual case. He was thorough, diligent, and always had my best interest at heart. His concern for my case and his willingness to keep me informed throughout the process was greatly appreciated. We ended up walking away with a favorable ‘win’ for my injury. I would highly recommend Ralph for his high standards, morals and integrity.

— Scott Lee, Personal Injury client

Dear Ralph, My husband and I both wanted to thank you so much for your time, advice and compassion regarding my disability case. It meant a lot to us that you took the time to review my situation and do research on my condition. It was such a pleasure meeting you. With sincere gratitude

— Jill S., Disability client

Ralph Wiser’s experience and expertise in all facets of labor law, workers’ compensation and disability claims make him my ‘go-to guy’ on all my complicated legal cases. Ralph crafts solutions where others see only road blocks.

— David Fiore, UniServ consultant

Mr.Wiser has represented me in cases involving worker compensation, and has provided us with business guidance regarding employment law, rules and regulations. He is a man of integrity and has always advised what is possible and fair to all parties. I always feel he has his clients best interests in mind when taking a case.

— Jim Bieker

Ralph Wiser is a great advocate for his clients. His expertise, dedication and friendship were invaluable when he represented me in a very difficult labor case. He helped us reach a fantastic settlement, and I wouldn’t hesitate to give his name to anyone who needed legal advice.

— Steven Gustovich, Teacher and Coach

Dear Ralph, Thank you so much for answering my plea for assistance last week regarding my employment issue. I understand you had a horrid week and still you went ahead and helped me. I really appreciated your advice and input. My colleagues were correct in saying that you have great skills.

— C. Siel